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Punta Mita: Get a Real Pacific Experience

The sensual and secluded beachfront village, Punta Mita (Puerto Mita) will dazzle your eyes with exotic wildlife, underwater caves, and archaeological marvels.

The 1,500acre peninsula is surrounded by turquoise water and nine and a half miles of coastline. The natural beauty of the destination will reconnect you with your true self.

An extraordinary blend of simple pleasure and sophisticated charm

Your dreams of a picturesque village nestled on coastline will come alive, the moment you will step on the land of Punta Mita. Often considered as a destination of the most sophisticated villas by tourists, Puerto Mita is an oasis of white-sand beaches and a world of tropical adventure activities.

The serene landscape and unspoiled beauty of Punta Mita will take you to an altogether different world. Sierra Madre Mountains, tropical birds and sea life, captivating reefs, coconut palms, underwater caves, and lush green forest add to the beauty of this natural wonderland.

Punta Mita Vacation, Rentals and More

Get the authentic Mexico at Puerto Mita!

Be it hotels or villas in Punta Mita, every single entity in the destination will give you the taste of Mexican culture. It serves as an ideal destination for those who want to be away from hustle-bustle of crowded cities, yet enjoy their vacation in high spirits.

Accommodation in a villa is the best to pamper yourself in Punta Mita.

Key Attractions

Stunning Beaches

Explore absolutely stunning beaches on Punta Mita spread in 25 miles of coastline. While some beaches are accessible by car others are secluded and can be accessed by boat.


Sparkling water and pristine beaches of Punta Mita make it an inviting seaside playground. Get a host of delightful experiences, which include kayaking, sport fishing, surfing, diving, snorkeling, and whale watching on your vacation at Puerto Mita.

Colorful marine life will deliver you an extraordinary underwater experience.


Restaurants in Puerto Mita serve the finest gourmet meal you will find in top-most restaurants of the world.

Get the taste of complex Mexican cuisine at local restaurants serving everything from quesadillas, tacos, to a variety of Tex-Max.

Getting There and Around

By Air: Flying to Puerto Vallarta and taking an hour road trip will bring you to Punta Mita. Most of the U.S. airlines fly to Vallarta.

By Bus: Local transport is not frequent in Punta Mita and tourists might be required to wait for long to get a bus from the local bus station of Puerto Vallarta.

By Car: A road trip to Punta Mita is enjoyable. The place is 45-60minutes drive from Puerto Vallarta and cars are available on rent.


As Puerto Mita is at the same latitude as Hawaiian Islands, the climate is year-around warm. May to October experience heavy rainfall and humidity level is highest in September. Late October and Early November has pleasant climate.

Things to Do